Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 181: Jamming with Legends on a Booking Streak

Weekly Written Review

At the time of this post, I am unable to reveal the names for the artists I worked with on Wednesday. I had to sign a non-closure agreement. I doubt my blogs exposure will reach the masses but its worth being safe for these names. For now, until I update my blog they will be known as P.M and J.D. 

On Friday, I had an audition and here is part of the description: 

Looking for 2 Hero teen boys - african american. Aged 18 to play 16 years old....These kids should be able to play guitar - doesn't have to be expert guitar player, but should just be comfortable with the instrument, can play some basic chords and has rhythm... IF YOU SING, WE WILL ASK YOU TO SING A CAPELLA A LITTLE BIT - BLUES or "OLDIE" FROM 50s, 60s, or 70s (or older), AND IF YOU DANCE, WE'LL BE ASKING YOU TO DANCE A LITTLE BIT, ANYTHING OF YOUR CHOICE. 

I showed up for the audition and there was a lot of musically inclined young men. Some had guitars others had a voice so strong you could hear through the room. Prior to, I memorized a few lines from a BB King song, The Thrill is Gone. I don't recall anything super great about the audition. The casting director did like the fact that I mentioned specifics. I said nothing more than a couple types of foods I liked. I sang the my lines and left. I was confident someone else got it. They play instruments, I don't. All this was last week (180) Friday. 

On Tuesday of this week, I received the call from my agent and she told me I booked it. I was pretty surprised but not as surprised as I became on the day of. I arrived on Wednesday and I realized I'm the only young African American male in the room. There is a young Caucasian guy and about 7 older African American males in their 60's-70's years of age. In addition to that, I'm the only person who isn't a real musician. All of them are the real deal. I'm the only actor. Remember I wrote that, now lets add the actual artist to the equation. (Sorry I'll have to reveal the names another time) I looked at photo cast sheet and noticed its P.M. That's big. I quickly realized all the fuss about and reason to sign the NDA for the now known British artist. I look a little deeper on the list and notice D.P. This person is not known for his musicianship but he's a mega movie star. 

Time passes and before you  know it I'm shooting a music video with two of the biggest names on the planet. We're not only shooting a music video but we're also having multiple blues jam sessions. It's was a sincere honor to be apart of this. Its a story that will never get old. 

I shouldn't be trying to figure out why and how I booked the audition but I always speculate. Nonetheless, the only logical reason of this booking. Considering the fact that I can't play a lick of any instrument. I can only guess my personality booked it for me. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

* Oscar Sunday

* QWF Planning 

Monday, March 3, 2014

* Call back from last Thursday's audition. 

* I'm done with Sardines. Something wasn't right with the last can I ate. I'm sticking to tuna and crackers now. 

* Special Deliver Improv meeting and Mosaic Comedy improv show in North Hollywood. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

* Back to back awesome phone calls. First my agent called and told me I booked last Friday's music video audition and I got another from yesterdays callback and was put and avail. I later also booked it. 

* Once I booked the gig with my agent I had to blame on another music video gig (Absurdist Ultra Violent) that I booked for myself. I hate I had to do it but my agent has priority. 

* Spent a portion of the day at the library and made the final selects for the Quarterly Wrap Festival's host. 

* Attended Mosaic Comedy level 301 class. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

* Woke up under the weather voice stricken. Its the only thing I dislike about my garage situation. There's no instillation and there's a cool draft that gets me at night.   

* Music video show with P M and J D. Amazing story started above.

Jamming with one of the greatest musical legends of all time and I don't even know how to play the guitar. 
* I was super tired but still made it to improv at Michael's. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

* Two back to back audition notices. One from my agent. 

* Regions bank audition. 

* Voice is getting better. 

* Shout outs to Kevin Cardenas for helping me prepare for my upcoming audition. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

* Zenni Optical audition. I left unsatisfied. I memorized an indicated portion of their script and my audition had nothing to do with it. When I was told what to say, I wasn't loose enough. I was too stuck to those lines. I could of sealed the deal but I doubt I did. 

* My auditions notices from yesterday had the same address which was ironic. I waited around. Dosed off on the bus stop. Bought some fries from McDonalds and then I realized the 2nd audition is schedule for the next day at the same place. 

* DOS Rehearsal and show. This was our best show yet. I stepped it up and we all represented. It was just the 3 of us but we showed out. 

* Got a booking for Zip ling on Sunday. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

* Went to bed with the desire to play basketball in the morning. I missed playing last week and I'm trying to play at least once a week. Its healthy. The past previous weeks I was on a winning streak. Today I was one for one. I blame myself for my 3 man teams lost. Earlier on during a game of 21, I realized I left the house with out eating a thing. That was a bad move. Not having any food in my stomach affected me more and more as I played. Preparation is key. Food is a necessity. 

* Pilot presentation audition (agent sent): The casting director noticed my name on the list and greeted me with a big smile. "Motown?!" "Yes," "I'll be right with you." Later, when walking to the room she told me she looked me up online and really liked my reel. She said I had a lot of good stuff. After the audition, she asked about my show. I told her about my web series and where she could find it. I gave her a couple cards and she took it with open arms. Unique things tend to happen during my auditions but this is among the top five. I don't recall a casting directing telling me she looked me up like that before. Besides that, this was an audition with lines. I'm proud to say I didn't flop. I nailed the lines and nailed an impression. As for if I nailed the character...? Hmmmm, that's another subject. I was playing the role for a cop. I know. Interesting. Its a dark comedy. 

Final Thought

All week long I had no magical free internet. Its been a better bad year for that mysterious signal. Thanks for the Metro Hot spot service. Its been decent. Sometimes its great. Other times its wack. I recently realized it works better when its not plugged in. Funny enough, late Saturday night into the next morning the signal started working again. Unfortunately, it went down about two days afterwards.

I also want to note that for the first time in my life I'm making serious effort to become a flexible person. Any chance I get I'm stretching. I still have a long way before I can touch my toes.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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