Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hate Continues...

 Post Represents: Friday, January 4, 2012
The last time I heard from this hater was on May 2, 2012. Now he's back with vengeance. This is his hate response to my recent press release I sent out. 

Your IMDb ranking is 3,669,352. Your talk show from Tampa is  ranked 543,483. Starving in Hollywood is ranted 97,607.

My production company is ranked - 668 out of over 1 million Companies on IMDb. My personal ranking is 3,119. My personal best is 1,292. My present projects - Creatures of the Night is ranked 4,086. Who is the Bloodiest Royal? which is are in  pre-production is ranked - 44,689.

My 20 year old wife - R---- has the #1 film company in her homeland of Russia. The Kremlin actually is funding her projects.

Our infant daughters IMDb rankings are - 108,065 and 115,690. They are clearly higher than you.

In early December, the VP of LCO contacted me and signed me. Last week, they signed my wife. 

People who are not in the industry may think you are great. Hollywood has no use for you. Face the facts.

We have 4 cats. All of our cats are better ranked then you. My one cat Nyx, is ranked 71,104.

I am a professional. I am filming in LA in a few weeks. TAKE ME OFF YOUR EMAIL LIST. I do not have time for amateurs and wannabes. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you were amused from this as much as I was.

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