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Dear Hollywood I'm Ready to Embrace (2013 Farewell)

Tuesday, January 2, 2014 1:30am EST

Its a new year and at the end of a year leading into the new year, everyone tends to hype themselves with new goals and resolutions. I don't blame them. There is nothing like a fresh start. I concur. I don't believe the hype but I'm certainly about to ignite.  Week 171 could be one of the most important weeks of 2013. Simply because I allowed my mind to rest. 2013 was amazing. I wouldn't even know where to start in terms of my list of accomplishments. Many seeds were planted. Its even hard to imagine how 2014 could be better. Hmmm, actually its not too hard but there is no doubt 2014 will be even better. To ensure the maximum potential of 2014, Week 171 granted me the mental relaxation needed envision the embrace.

Before I address whats needed, lets address the obvious. I'm obsessed with my late night quest. Its all I know about. Its all I want to breathe. Its all I want to eat. For a period of time, it was healthy. Its giving me a reason to fight. I wouldn't exist in Hollywood if I wasn't as late-night insane as I currently am. My crazy late night mind has given birth to one of my greatest creations, The Late Night Experiment. Nonetheless, its time to normalize a bit. I have to officially embrace. I've been come way too unbalanced. Addressing my personal life is another story but my journey needs to fully embrace. Now what exactly do I mean by embrace? I'll explain. To be frank, I don't respect Hollywood and I never really did. Continuously, I find reasons to hate the Hollywood system. When a new audition comes in, I might glace at the sides and continue focusing on my stuff. This must end now. I believe so much in The Late Night Experiment. I have visions of it being that signature tool that will break down those lat night barriers. I believe in it and I won't stop believe it. I'll never stop believe it.

But I have to also believe in something else. I have to believe in Hollywood. I have to fully embrace its system of audition and casting. Quite often national commercials, televisions shows and movies are thrown at me. Most of them are commercials but the opportunities are there. Am I prepared when I go in? Heck no! This wing it approach ends now! I must now share the belief. I use to think I had to let late night go and remove it from my vision for a while. Nope, that would of been pointless. I have to share the belief. With the same zeal and confidence, I have in my own projects I must now share it with Hollywood. I'm going to embrace all the roles delivered to me. I'm going to digest the material and physically become the character. Its a mental factor. I never fully incorporated it before. I'm adding it now.

Based on duration comparisons, this is my senior year in Hollywood. My senior year in high school and college were maximized. I had no regrets. In each previous senior year, I went all out and created a legacy that precedes me. Now is the time, I can see things clear. This choice is prepping my mind. A prepared mind also needs a prepared body. I also started doing push ups everyday since last week. I turned something on in my brain and now I'm working out again. I probably also turned something off in my brain too. Vainly I've enjoyed when people asked me if I work out and I would giggle, "not at all, my body is the same since high school and I don't work out." I've enjoyed telling people how naturally sexy I am. I guess now that I'm going to start working out for real, I'm going to only get sexier (lol). I need the exercise to match the mental shape I'm training for. Its going to help with the process and the embrace.

I have a mental and physical plan of action in place and now comes the spiritual...kind of sort of. The spiritual injection into my life is my way of adding a normal balance into my life. I'm looking to invite some people outside the industry into my life. Which actually really means, I'm trying to met some women. Personally, 2013 was a pathetic year. Much of last year I really desired some female attention. I couldn't find much. The couple times in my favor were extremely short lived. Overall, my quest has been very lonely. That comes to an end in 2014. A gentlemen named John that I met at an event in week 170 reinforced a valuable point to my attention. He advised that I needed to change up my scenery. Industry girls are the worse. They're dizzy, young and confused. Stereo-typically, their know to just be looking for a pay check. Those are some of the main reasons why I haven't been connecting with women in LA. Enough is enough. I'm adding a new scenery in my quest that will hopefully add some lady love into my life. Lady enough is good and I want some. Since I dislike clubs and paying to enter anywhere, I'm hitting up church singles ministries. On my list is Agape and Fame Church. From a marketing perspective its great for my quest. The more people that knows me the better. Truthfully, anywhere new is great for my quest. Over the years, religion lost its motivational influence on me but hey you never know. Agape offers religious yoga or something like that. I decided to wish my friend Unique Passions a happy new year and she reminded for the 2nd or 3rd time of Agape. Thanks Unique.

Final Thoughts

Its possible some of what I just wrote may seem similar to what I wrote last year at this time? With determination everyone starts a new year off a little more focused, a little more driven, a little more excited... But this is not just another year. This is my senior year in Hollywood. I know what I have to do. I missed the Home Coming dance during high school until my senior year. I finally took full advantage of one of the great opportunities high school had to offer. I'm done letting great national opportunities pass me by in Hollywood. That ended last year. Unlike ever before, I will respect the process, embrace the system and be positive. My first 3 years has been in perfect order. I followed the steps and now I will climb the stairs. As much as I love The Late Night Experiment, I know it loves me back and it will have no problem with me sharing the belief. Thank you Late Night Experiment.

When I'm done writing this post, 2013 will officially be my past. I really accomplished a lot in 2013. I started a film festival (The Quarterly Wrap Festival), completed a 2nd season of The Late Night Experiment, in addition to dropping a documentary, Late-Night Jelly. Not to mention all the other projects I booked. Among all this greatness is a strong amazing women. Not a girlfriend but my one and only loving mother. Her instinctual, discerning superpowers is the reason why I'm still on my feet. I don't know how she knows but she knows. The emergence credit card she put on my name in 2011 has rescued from several situations. The ability to get a new computer to edit my documentary and more is only possible because of my mothers maternal greatness. Thank you Ma. I love you Ma. On New Years eve I took road trip to Miami with my Ma to visit Prophet Manasseh Jordan new years service. We never took a road trip that far before. The service didn't do anything for me but it made my mom very happy. I'll do anything to make my mom happy. I even do things to make her unhappy often. Lol, just before I started writing this post, I was on the phone with her arguing about religion. It happens from time to time. Who said you can't argue with someone one you love. I argue with her because I love her and I want her to have more balance in her life. The church ain't interested in doing that, so from time to time I try to. Now, enough about religion, my point is, I don't know where I'll be if it wasn't for my Ma's love and support. I love you Ma!

This is probably the most I wrote in one post all year. For the vast majority of my quest I was in love writing. I couldn't wait to write and express myself. The video edition thing was cool for a while to. I lost the writing bug in 2013. I barely wrote. This song is what motivated me to write now.

Wake Me Up is my new theme song. 90% of writing this post was while that song was playing. My blog needs a new motivation for sure. I don't know if I should do the video thing again but lately I haven't been looking forward to posting. I won't let it go. It may get more vague overtime but I'll never let my blog go.

Final Final Thoughts 

Most are not as fortunate as I to know their future. Its a blessing to know that I'm The Future of Late Night Television. Now the question I must ask myself is, since I know my future what is my present? That one question sums up this whole post. If I prepare and focus on the present, live my life for the moment with discipline towards my craft, my present will become my future. At one point, I thought it might be hard to do this. I desire and deserve to be in the late-night conversation but its not my time yet and I have to respect that. Arsenio Hall seems to be doing better and I've heard no talks about cancellation. I'm happy for him. My opinion of his material is subjective but the level of respect that his guest and fans have for him is abundant. I don't have that. The only way for me to acquire that is to find it in the present. In about a month and a half, Jimmy Fallon will be the host of The Tonight Show. I'm happy for him. He's a great talent who's really having fun and he thoroughly loves his job. Moments ago I saw a commercial advertising The best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Sunday special. NBC really believes in him. I want that belief in me from a network but its not here yet. The only way I'm going to gain it is to seek it within my present and be patient.

Now I remember, previously I wrote about embracing the actor title. I honestly never did and I'm not going fake it like I suddenly love acting now. I won't. I now respect acting and I will finally begin respecting my craft. I have to now respect the process and embrace the system.

Final Final Final Thoughts

2013 you were great to me professionally. Personally, hmmmm,... well I guest it was necessary... Its now 2014 and I know what I have to do. There is a fierceness soaring through my body and its eager to get out and fight. I feel like I'm getting ready for a boxing match. Every audition from this point on is a boxing match and every day until then I'm training.  In the words of Mike Tyson, 'when you have a bad day a work, you don't quit. You go back to work. In boxing you don't quit because you lose a match. Getting knocked up from time to time is all apart of the job description.' Its also our job to train, get better and prepare for the next bout. I'm not going to book every audition. That's not happening. With my new work ethic I will ensure a far greater booking rate then ever before. Not because I'm hyped about the year. Simply because I'm training to work in the industry I now respect and embrace.

As the quest continues...

The Future of Late Night

Motown Maurice  

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