Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 Year In Review - Free At Last

2016 is over and it makes me want to shout. Kick my heels up and shout. Lift my hands up and shout. A little bit softer now...A little bit softer now...A little bit louder now...Everybody shout now! 2016 is behind me and so are several of my independent assignments. I thought I maximized my potential in 2015 by completing my web series but it appears I had much more in me then I thought. 2017 will be nothing like last year. As a matter of fact, 2017 will usher in an experience profoundly new to me. I'm done with my solo projects. I've rambled about it in audio blogs and I won't ramble again. I'm just glad to be free.

I've told my story. I've produced. I've directed. I've created an abundance of opportunities and now I'm done. I'm truly ready to focus on one thing. That singular focus is acting and performing. When I'm not acting and performing I'll be having fun. When I'm not preparing for a role I'll be playing basketball and tennis. It's just a few days into the new year and I'm already lining up tennis matches.

When I'm not playing sports I'll be in training. I plan on taking classes such as boxing, yoga and martial arts. I actually have room for that in my life now. My objective is to truly embrace the unknown. I have no productions planned. My festival is over and I'm not editing. My spirit is free, open and ready to book big roles.

For the first time in ages I'm expressing myself on my blog. I haven't wrote like this in ages and I don't intend on writing a lot. The next chapter is fun. Plain and simple fun.

2016 was great. I booked my first lead role in a feature film (Snake Outta Compton) and so much more. 2016 was a lot of work. Now I'm ready to have fun. Did I mention I'm having plenty fun in 2017? Don't get me wrong, I had fun moments in 2016 but that's just a taste of what 2017 has to ofter. I believe "fun' is my right of passage. I've put in the work and I deserve it.

Other than fun, I have career expectations but I'm not going to write them out. I did that before. It's pointless. I believe if you put in the work you'll eventually get a turn in Hollywood. Six plus years and a countless list of accomplishments. I'm ready for a prosperous outcome in 2017.

In conclusion, 2016 was good to me. I met some great people and I elevated my existence.

2017, I'm expecting to rise even higher.

As the quest continues

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