Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 356: 3 Nights of Homelessness

Weekly Written Review 

In 2011 and 2012 I got my first and second taste periods of homelessness. I got by decently slipping into buildings and a theater. This experience was not as graceful. This homeless experience was as authentic as it gets. During the day I was fine. Joining the YMCA was the wisest decision I made in this transition. I spent my days there. I enrolled at the YMCA Downtown LA but the one in Hollywood is where I spent my time. That location was perfect. Walking distance from Trader Joe's, my storage room, and the library. The most valuable room discovered was the Social Room. Most of the day it's empty. I noticed the schedule and I took naps there until the next yoga class. After a certain time I jumped in the Jacuzzi followed by the sauna and showered. I even started lifting weights there a little bit. I wanted to play basketball but I wasn't quite there yet mentally. Nonetheless, when the Y closed at 11pm, that's when things got difficult. I didn't have any creative sleeping ideas. I had no place to slip into this time. This time I was Straight Outta Place.

It wasn't easy. The nights are long. Most places are closed and getting comfortable in this situation is not in my nature. My first homeless night was the worst because I had on basketball shorts and a light sleeveless shirt. It got cool that night. I later learned it was simply best for me to just keep moving. I did a lot of walking. There worst thing that came out of this experience was sleep deprivation. Not knowing how long I would be in this situation I became concerned about how my eyes would look during auditions. Aside from that my spirit was strong and I wasn't discouraged. I can survive through any situation and I did overcome this one. See final thoughts below.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

* Submitted 3 audition videos at Kevin's house

* Moved stuff out of the garage and into my storage. Thank God Kevin offered his van.

* Hanging with Kevin

Monday, July 10, 2017

* Garage-ment Day

* Prayer vigil, pizza and celebration. The city came and left. The nuance tenants are gone and the city didn't pay attention to my area.

* Said goodbye to my landlady with love

* Storage organizing...then donated clothes
* Trader Joe's

* Tennis...

* Night at LuLu's

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

* Audition: America Greetings Card. I did no lip syncing as I was instructed. Terrible!

* Audition: Multi Sclerosis related role

* I got the times mixed up with these auditions but it worked out great.

* Attempted to acquire a motel voucher. That failed!

* YMCA...

* Trader Joe's, Patio/Social Room discovery, Jacuzzi, Sauna,...

* Homeless Night One Begins 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

~Homeless Morning~ 

* Denny's

* Nap at Shatto park. I didn't do that for long.

* Killing time at Wilshire/Vermont.

* Bus/train ride...killing more time

* YMCA/Social Room sleeping

* Storage room sleeping

~Homeless Afternoon~

* Library - New home search

* Lunch..Trader Joe's

* Started lifting weights

* YMCA Social Room nap, Jacuzzi, shower

* Homeless Night Two 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

~Homeless Morning~ 

* Rode the train until it stopped at Union Station

* Denny's...fell asleep and woke me up

* 5am back at YMCA opening...sleep in the social room until about 7:45am

* Took a nap outside the YMCA court yard

* Got a boost of energy from a random LinkedIn message

~Homeless Afternoon~

* Lifting weights

* Jacuzzi, Sauna...Steam room

* Lifting weights again

* Homeless Night Three 

Friday, July 14, 2017

~Homeless Morning~ 

* Slept on the rain until it was time to get off

* Attempted to sleep at Seoul Park in K-Town but that was unsuccessful

* Turned down a gig that tried to put me in the background of a shoot when I was promised a lead role. Turning it down ended up working completely in my favor later in the day.

* Attempted to get food at Subway but I just ended up sleeping there until they woke me up

* YMCA 5am room nap

* Storage room...

* Returned to my old garage. Picked up mail and returned to old spot. I ended up eating, napping, printing and producing an important Voice Over Audition (Code word D) while there. I got the notice at 4pm and it was due at 5pm. I completed it just after 5:30pm. If I didn't turn down the background gig from earlier I wouldn't had the opportunity to send it my work for this life changing opportunity.  

* Before I left, I said bye to my landlady and she said I could return to my stop. Hmmmm. This homeless thing may of just ended. It's not confirmed yet.

* Spoke to MaTown, Kevin and Pam on the way to Hollywood. I forgot the YMCA closes early on Friday.

* Best sleep all week at LuLu's

Saturday, July 15, 2017

* MaTown's birthday

* Audition: Pacific Source Health Plan 

* Weight lifting...

* Basketball at the YMCA. I was straight balling. In one game my team was losing and I hit 3 back to back 3 pointers and basically won us the game. The opposing team couldn't stop talking about me. All my teams one all our games.

* At LuLu's

* Splatoon..Splat-fest

* Audition video sent (Magic 8 Ball)

Final Thoughts 

It's been a while since I wrote final thoughts. Most likely the first time this year and even longer. Moreover, it doesn't take much to get into homelessness. Getting out of it on the the other hand is something serious. As each day passed I thought about fancy words I would use to convey my experience on this blog. However, by the end of the week a way out was offered to me. That totally changes my thought pattern. It's still not confirmed but God willing I'll be back in my old place next week. I could write more but I don't want to. I want to enjoy the rest of my day. I was homeless a few days ago for Pete sake. All I'm saying after being a loyal tenant for 5 & 1/2 years things never should of went this way. Oh well...maybe the reason will reveal itself soon.

As the quest continues...

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