Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 234: Surprise Check and the Write Way

Weekly Audio Review 


* Writing...Editing....




* Basketball

* Writing...

* Audition notice


* Credit Karma audition (The following Sunday I got word that I booked it. Yeahhh)


* To my complete surprise I received a check that I wasn't expecting. It was from a project I worked on last year. I had the mail laying around for awhile because I didn't think it was important. Thanks Paul McCartney.

* Basketball one on one. Won one. Lost one.

* Audition notice

* Random text from my college friend Dominique: "Good morning momo, are you ready for your breakthrough. (The following Sunday I got word about a booking. First time in a long while. What's going on here?)


* Audition for a small role on a TV show. Its a mall employee role but I had fun with it. At the last minute I heard the other actors improv-ing lines at the end and I had to think quick. I think I made an impression and made some good choices.

* I was advised that my moms phone is going to stop working soon so we decided to get a new one. Plus it reduced my bill by ten dollars monthly.

* Watched Ocean's 11. I've seen it before.


* Post Office

* Editing....

* Finally decided on my ABFF monologue picks and sent in my submission

* Watched Takers. Its been a while but good just like the first time I watched. .

As the quest continues...

The future of Late Night

Motown Maurice

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